Antony Morales

Jasmin Camacho

A natural born entrepreneur, Antony Morales (11) dreams of owning his own t-shirt business someday. In fact, most of his free time is spent designing t-shirts. He has his own brand called Litho. Morales gets his inspiration from his friends online. He doesn’t sell them yet, but he’s working on investing and hopes to be able to open his own clothing shop someday. Other plans would include a potential career in graphic design or designing video games. He is also interested in owning his own clothing brand. He has some good older friends who work in clothes that have inspired A little shy and reserved by nature, some of his favorite classes are health, pottery, and being an aid. Morales enjoys R&B and his favorite movie is Jumanji 2. He plans to go to ISU, but doesn’t know what the future has in store for him.