A’ric Jackson

Ashlyn Thomas

A’ric Jackson

A’ric Jackson is a motivational speaker world round, Jackson came to Skyline High school to motivate and encourage us students. 

Jackson’s main point that he talked about was your “box.” He explained that your box is like a wall you put up to protect yourself from being hurt by the actions or words of others. 

Jackson talked strongly about the 3 rules for escaping that box. Step one is to identify the experience that created your box. Step two is to always forgive that person and forgive yourself for holding that grudge against them. Step three is to get mad (Making A Difference). 

After Jackson explained to us the steps and the box he soon then shared with us a personal story about his dad and how his dad was never present in his younger life and how his father “didn’t have time” for him, the moment his father told him that, Jackson built his box. He distanced himself from others and took his anger out on other people. 

Jackson’s father tried being more involved in sons life after years of not being involved with Jackson, Jackson wanted nothing to do with his father for most of his childhood and teenage years, the after some years past Jackson was auditioning for In Living Color. Jackson was doing so good in his auditions until his father called and told him how proud he was of A’ric. Jackson was upset and took his anger out on the audition and it turned out to be the worst audition he has ever given. 

Jackson was so angry at his father but soon later Jackson realized that he needed to forgive his dad because he wasn’t only hurting his dad, He was hurting himself by letting his pain and anger effect Jacksons life and his emotions and actions but eventually jackson forgave his dad and started to forgive himself. Jackson and his father started to become super close over the years, they now have a strong relationship and Jackson couldn’t be happier with where his dad and his relationship is now. Jackson complete step one and two by identifying the box, and forgiving. Step 3, he decided to get “mad” by making a difference to his dad and himself, they now have a strong relationship and are closer than ever.  

Jackson now owns and manages up to 3 businesses on his own, as well as traveling and public speaking, all due to not letting people bring him down to their level.