Holiday Pet Peeves

Anthony Acevedo

Sign about pet peeves aheadGetting to hangout with relatives that you rarely see, eating a delicious meal together as a family, doing classic family traditions, being bombarded with questions about your life, dealing with the annoying screaming little relatives: the holidays are a perfect time to be with family. Well, almost perfect We asked Skyline students what some of their pet peeves are about the holidays.

During the holidays there always that one cousin, aunt, or other family member who is annoying or trying to get too personal about your life. “Cousins,” said Ciara Gaches (10), “I don’t know why. They’re all over the place.” Little cousins just love to come into your room even though you tell them to get out multiple times. Or even the elderly can have their reasons. Leo Mandoka (11) says, “Grandparents in regarding of religious [reasons]”. But wait there’s more!

The family dinner can also be the main spot for peeves to occur. “When everyone pushes away to get food,” Bryant Cano (12) said.  “And I get that everyone likes food, but there should be some kindness.” The holidays are a time to be kind to one another, not rushing to get something as simple as food. But what about the conversation at the table? “The Talking,” said Tana Jensen (11), “like just things that go on at home. We don’t see each other for a long time so we just talk random stuff.” 

So the holidays aren’t completely perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing time with family who are jokingly or actually annoying. Even getting to sit down with everyone at the family table and being embarrassed or arguing here and there, deep down everyone loves one another by sharing or expressing the love and kindness in their own way. Happy Holidays Folks!