Skyline students take the stage

Sydney Melior, Page editor

Katie Meldrum (12) is playing the role of Belle from Beauty and the Beast in the upcoming district musical in March. “The Beauty and the Beast” is Meldrum’s first district musical that she has been in. When asked how she felt about getting the role as Belle, she states, “I was super shocked, because my audition went really well and I did the best I could, but while I was sitting in my audition there was the director and the assistant director who are watching and choosing who they want to play each part and the assistant director looked like she loved me and that I had done really well, and the actual director gave me the stink eye and looked at me like I was horrible and she hated me, but I guess she didn’t so I was totally shocked because I didn’t think that I had a chance so I was super excited.”

Though her confidence may flow through theater and singing, like everyone she has worries about being in the spotlight. “I’m a little worried about some of the music because I sing a lot and some of the music is pretty high. I’m very much an Alto singer so it’s going to be hard to hit some of those higher notes, but I’ll work through it,” Meldrum said. 


Tristan Allen (12) is playing the role of Gaston in the district musical. This is Allen’s third time being in the district musical, but he has been in the orchestra pit for multiple musicals. He has also been a music mentee and helped out with the music for “Shrek the Musical.” 

How is Allen feeling about being a lead role? “Pretty good. I mean I didn’t really expect to get a lead role especially Gaston but it’s really intimidating because I don’t really sing act or dance and so having to do that most of the show is really scary.” 

“I’m most excited to be on stage and be Gaston. I get to be a d— to everybody and beat the crap out of them. Second that also the songs, just singing, it’s an awesome musical.”

  “Everyone should do musicals, they are really awesome.”


Playing the part of Lefou is Alex Nottestad (10). This will be his eighth production but only his first time participating in our district musical.

Most people would be nervous about playing a lead role but not Nottestad. “I love portraying a character and it’s always cool taking on the role it’s so fun.” 

““There’s a lot of kids in it so it might be a little hard to get them under control but other than that I’m not really worried about anything.” 


Allen, Nottestad and Meldrum are all excited to meet new people from all the different schools. Since the district musical does include all the schools in the district, Idaho Falls High School and Compass, there are a lot of students that they don’t know. Nottestad says “I’m super excited to make new friends and have that experience, theater kids are the best kids and they are always so fun to hangout with. So I’m super excited to make new friends and have a good time.”

For these actors and actresses, time management is really difficult. “It’s going to be hard. District musicals and just musicals in general take up a lot of frickin’ time, too much time. So it’s gonna be a lot of just making sure that no matter what I practice but not over practice. Maybe 30 minutes a day, but thats it and that kind of stuff. Just putting a time limit on everything.”

Meldrum helped explain how much time goes into the production,“Practices started in November, three days a week, and then in December it goes to four days a week right after school. I’m going to be very busy.”