Westerns to Watch

Jacob Babbitt Tom, Reporter

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a story of three immoral characters who all act the same and have the same goal in mind: money and self gain. Each character finds out about a stash of gold from a dying union soldier, and each sets out on a search. Their given titles don’t become relevant until a new element is added: war. Each character has a set view The Good doesn’t like the war and takes a stand, while The Bad just uses it as a way to satisfy his violence and self gain, and The Ugly doesn’t care about the war at all. The story ends when each character ends up in a cemetery and they have a standoff over the gold.

This movie should be watched because this action packed and meticulously made western is rightfully a classic. It’s a movie that changed the western genre forever with a gritty take on the traditional western.

Dances with Wolves is the story of a Union soldier who attempts to commit suicide by running toward the enemy on horse because he doesn’t want his foot amputated. However, in doing so, he doesn’t off himself but instead served as a distraction for the Confederate, and it gives enough time for the Union to rush. His foot is then saved by the Union general’s doctor, and once well, he requests to set up a checkpoint in the plains on Lakota territory. He lives there, waiting, as the person meant to tell them he had setup camp died in a Indian attack. While Lieutenant Dunbar is left out there alone, he sees a wolf that watches after him day to day. He also tries to make peace with the Lakotas. Later, as the Union passes through, they see him as a threat and imprison him. They thought he was going mad, but the Lakotas make a prison break for him and run to the mountains.

This western drama is historically accurate, and it has values that still hold up. You could watch this movie over and over and not get bored as it is a great movie with beautiful scenery and an emotional story.