September Movies

Emilio Lee, Photo Editor

IT Chapter Two: For twenty-seven years–twenty-seven LONG years–Bill, Beverly, Richie, Mike, Ben, Eddie, and Stanley have all known peace and been happy. And after those years, the members of the Loser Club decided to go back to the town they all called home, Derry, but something else decided to come back as well: a monster that had caused them so much pain and suffering, and now It has returned and It came back to finish what It had started twenty-seven years ago. Will the Loser Club be able to stop It? Or will they succumb to their deepest and terrifying fears? (September 6, 2019)

Ad Astra: Meet Roy McBride as he travels through a lawless space in search of an astronaut who went AWOL for years and may be involved in a crisis that has ravaged Earth. Fire is burning everywhere, planes are falling from the sky, and it is going to be much worse until they stop to find what causes all of this. The one who may cause this is the astronaut who went missing in the outer rim of space. The astronaut is named Clifford McBride, Roy’s father. (September 20, 2019)

Rambo: Last Blood: It’s time for the return for the man, no Legend. It has been over four decades since John Rambo drew first blood, but now after many years of well-needed retirement on a small ranch, he returns out of retirement after the daughter of a very dear friend of his is taken by the Mexican Cartel in Mexico. Now he will stop at nothing to get back his niece, no matter who he is up against. It is Rambo against an army of one of the most powerful drug cartels all of Mexico. One man vs. an army–I say the odds are even. (September 20, 2019)