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Korrinna Thomas is obsessed with K-pop stars, particularly her heroes Zico and Hyuna. The reason is Zico has amazing producing skills and can rap like a master, and Hyuna is a good dancer with an amazing voice. “The reason I like the music I do is because it makes me happy, helping me no matter the mood I'm in. I got into it during 7th grade after a breakup. The music can be anything from pop , to rap to ballad or viby.  My favorite song is probably “NCT Regular” as it comes in 3 languages: English, Korean and Chinese. 

She would love to visit Busan, South Korea, because it is not too hot. It is nice and cold. “It is a trip me and my mom are planning to do next year. It is close to the capital South Korea,” she said.

Korrinaa hates being alone without family. What makes her angry is when people disrespect her. “If I could be anything for a day, I’d be a millionaire so I can send myself the money to have whenever,” she said. “My best accomplishment is probably talking to people from other countries.” 

If she could change something about herself, she would change her height. “I'm small and hate it as people make fun of me for it,” she said. 

Korrinna Thomas

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Korrinna Thomas