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Emilio Lee
My name is Emilio Luis Lee and I'm the Photo Editor and Senior Editor, as for the reason why I am the Photo Editor is that I'm always the first one to be done with there stories. A little bit about myself, I've been on the staff since my freshmen years and for the first two years being on the staff, I've been known as the reliable one if you tell me what to do they know that it will be done. Another thing you may want to know is that I also do a little bit of stand write my own stories in my free time, I usually write fiction and the type of fiction I write is usually fantasy, and I'm also a huge mythology buff if you want to learn about so sort of myth or legend I'm your guy and if I don't know that legend I will look in to it and then tell you all that I know about it.

Emilio Lee, Photo Editor

Apr 30, 2020
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Dec 13, 2017
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