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Harsh Noise is good for the brain

Marcos Lopez, Writer

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Imagine listening to the static from an old tv and combining it with more static from even older tvs but pitch shifted and adjusted to different decibels. That’s the best way I can describe Harsh Noise, but even with that description, it’s still not a clear whether or not this is an accessible form of music. Harsh Noise is a type of sub genre under Noise music, which “Seeks to take the genre to its natural limits, resulting in hugely aggressive walls of sound that assault the listener.” As said by Rate Your Music This may sound off putting at first, and rightfully so since who would want their ears assaulted? To name a few artists of Harsh Noise and their albums are Merzbow’s Pulse Demon, Pedestrian Deposit’ Austere, and Macronympha’s Interzone 3. The genre of Noise Music according to Wikipedia is “…expressive use of noise within musical context. This type of music tends to challenge the distinction between conventional musical practices between musical and non-musical sound.”  Harsh noise is essentially a more extreme variant of Noise music, it’s more challenging to listen to, requires more concentration and an open mind. What’s most interesting about this sub genre is that it has a whole community based around it and after extensive research, things become a little more clearer. How a lot of people listen to Harsh Noise, lots of people claim that it relieved their anxiety, a stress reliever and is meditative believe it or not, Nathan Mack (10) spends his time listening to noise music often “When I’m not on antidepressants I spend my time listening to Harsh Noise it relieves me and puts me at a state of temporary peace.” Most who listen to Harsh Noise very often consider it more of a “palate cleanser” for when they listen to music that is accelerating Harsh Noise acts as a power wash towards their brain. Yes it’s hard to consider Noise to be a music genre but it’s incredibly far from the spectrum, Harsh Noise is the most least accessible type of sub genre, but it shouldn’t be frowned upon nor should it ever be compared towards any other music genre. There’s a world in it and it’s fascinating. It’s harsh noise, confrontational, and abrasive.

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Harsh Noise is good for the brain