The Bright Side of Moving.

The Bright Side of Moving.

Abigail Moss, Reporter

During my life, I have dealt with a lot of change, most of which involved moving. I have lived in four different states in my life and attended seven separate schools. I lived in states with different morals and principles, all of which taught me various skills and exposed me to contrasting ideas. After interacting with these ideas and these people I am more ready to leave home.



In each of the different states I lived in I encountered people with different morals and values. I lived in states that were more conservative and Christian, and some that were more liberal and atheist. For example, while sitting in English class in Idaho Falls one day a boy in my class announced that he was now sixteen. Another student replied, “Now you can date!” At first, I did not understand what that meant. But as I thought about it more I realized that most of the kids in my class are part of the LDS church and as such, they choose not to date until they turn sixteen. Another example of the political differences between the schools I have gone to is my old school on Whidbey Island, Washington openly supports the Black Lives Matter movement. While most of my other schools try to stay out of politics. 



I am not the only one at Skyline who has moved around a lot. Another student, Eliza Ericson, was kind enough to let me interview her and ask her about her experiences with moving. Eliza moved here in December of 2019. She is now a freshman. She says her experience with moving has been more positive than negative. Some of the positive experiences she mentioned include making new friends, participating in different activities such as being a part of musicals, and becoming more able to meet new people. Though she does admit there are also some challenges such as losing old friends and having to start over.  



Some people say moving is traumatic and bad for kids. But after moving so many times, I can think of many examples of the good that can come out of moving. Though moving can be traumatic, it can also be an amazing experience. And can give kids skills that will help them when they’re older. These experiences include learning how to make new friends and adapting to a different environment, also, moving can bring siblings and families closer together. When I moved for the first time my siblings and I were not close. Yet after we got to California we realized, out of all the kids in the state, we only knew each other. So we hung out more and more until we moved again to Whidbey Island, Washington. By then my siblings were my best friends. When my siblings and I became such close friends, we taught each other many skills. We also helped each other go through all the changes that come with moving.



Moving out of a toxic environment is another good reason to move. There were many reasons my family and I moved out of Utah, one of these reasons including safety. The neighborhood I lived in was not very kid-friendly. While I lived there, many awful incidents occurred that strongly affected my life. The school I went to in Utah was not very good either, and often the education of the students was not prioritized. But once I moved to California I immediately felt safer. I did much better in school as well. Moving out of that environment was an amazing change.



Moving is a roller coaster. It is scary, but at the same time, it is so exciting. It has taught me so many skills I can use for the rest of my life. Along with that, every time we moved I met people who helped me grow. I have dealt with a lot of change during my life, most of which involved moving, and that change was for the best.