Rigby School Shooting


Lilly Sanderson, Reporter

Rigby School Shooting

By: Lilly Sanderson


Most people have heard of the tragic school shooting at Rigby Middle School. A young girl in sixth grade from Idaho Falls brought a gun to her school and shot it up and she injured 3, 2 of them being students and the other was the school janitor. All victims survived and none of them were majorly injured in any way. With all the false information spread around about this shooting, I have decided to give you the real information so there’s no more false accusations.

The young girl was disarmed by a teacher at the school named Krista Gneiting. She was preparing her students for a math final when she heard a gunshot followed by two more and rushed her students to the high school as fast as she could. The teacher says while helping one the the students who was injured she saw the young girl with the gun and decided to approach her, “I asked the girl, ‘are you the shooter?’’’ She just stared at me, I placed my hand on top of hers and slowly pulled the gun out of her hand. She didn’t fight, while she didn’t give it to me, she did not fight. Once I got the gun I pulled her into a hug and just held her. I knew she had a mother who didn’t know that she was sad and hurting people.” Krista says during a GMA News Exclusive. 

Nothing is said about why the young girl decided to shoot in the first place. Many have said that the young girl was transgender but that has so far not been shared by officers or any other authorities.  Officers say she was in custody and was being charged. They say she showed up to school and pulled a handgun out of her backpack and fired multiple rounds in the school and then followed everyone outside. Not much is said about why she decided to shoot up the school since the girl is very young and it’s understandable why they aren’t sharing much information on her. More information may be released later but for all we know so far, this is the information we have. I know how traumatizing this can be for the ones injured and the other kids involved and I hope this won’t terribly affect young children.