Mason Harding

kali j, reporter

     Mason Harding is a freshman here at Skyline, and out of ten, he would give his freshman year a 9, because it is better than he expected it to be. He says, “I expected it to be boring and a lot of work, but it is turning out to be not bad.” Mason dislikes the 7 hour school day and the amount of drama and fighting within the school, but enjoys making friends, and being able to see them everyday. With his least favorite class being History because there’s a lot of work to be done, Mason says “I really enjoyed the Graphic Design class the most because I could create whatever I wanted, and it was all around a fun experience.” Mason takes part in cheer, and enjoys it very much. He says, I like cheer because it is fun and enjoyable and you make a family with the other cheerleaders.” Mason plans on attending Skyline for the rest of his high school years, and to stay on the cheer team until he graduates.