Trash Pickup!

Skyline has a Trash Problem

Trash Pickup!

Emili Currey, Editor In Chief 2020-2021

Skyline, along with the rest of the world, is suffering from trash and pollution. The line of trash on the fence bordering the school is piling up and we need to do something about it! People are neglecting the rules they’ve been taught since kindergarten, pick up after yourself and the world will be clean and beautiful. More and more people are throwing their trash and cigarettes out of their car without a second thought to it; The ground is not a trash can and everyone, even adults and people in powerful positions, need to again teach themselves this.  

Since the city of Idaho Falls stopped picking up recycling from the school, trash cans are overflowing with cardboard and different kinds of recyclables. Even the trash cans outside are being left disastrous. Another example of this carelessness is students coming back from lunch and throwing their garbage on the ground next to overflowing trash cans. Unfortunately, custodians do not change out the bags and pick up the surrounding trash frequently enough. People need to start caring about what our campus looks like because other schools are not nearly as bad as ours is. “I’ve seen people just up and throw their garbage out of their cars.” says a student here at Skyline High School. Students here at Skyline are in agreement that the trash problem needs to stop. It is disgusting! 

Mrs. Donnelly is leading a whole unit on trash pick up in her Energy and Power class, where she takes her students out and they pick up trash no one would want to pick up. Mrs. Hott encourages her students to take care of their own trash and pick other people’s up who need more help with the litter bug lesson. 

Recycling needs to be brought back into the school because it teaches responsibility and prevents useful materials from ending up in landfills. Recycling helps light up the world. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb says the green team. Recycling means making new products cheaper and of better quality. We have so many useful resources here in the school, such as paper and cardboard boxes. 

These materials can be used to help the planet and our economy. But this all starts with the gross amount of trash on our campus, just pick the trash up and put it in the trash. If it’s your trash keep it in your pocket until you find a trash can that isn’t overflowing.