origins of January

adriana maldonado, reporter

January is named after the Roman god of doors, Janus. Romans would celebrate January 1st and offer things to Janus in hopes that he would bring them good fortune for the new year.  Not only that, Janus is also called, ‘the two-faced’ because the Romans pictured him with two faces, one that faces forward and other looking back. He represents all new beginnings and possesses the ability to see the past and the future. Janus only wanted peace when things went badly and for people to be happy and spread love, not hate. 


Covid-19 has been making things horrible, for the most part, people are uncomfortable to go out and do things like eat at restaurants or go to games because of  how bad Covid has gotten. Many people have passed away due to the pandemic. May those rest in peace. Covid has just put a lot of stress on a lot of people, leaving some not even able to do their jobs. Some people have  grandparents in a home for the elderly, but families can’t even go see them due to this virus. This year I wasn’t able to see my grandma for Christmas or Thanksgiving because we were afraid of the risks. She was able to receive her gifts, but we had really wanted to see her this year because it has been a long time due to the virus and I miss her. I hope to see her soon.


I feel that this year will change people for the better.  This year should be full of happiness and tons of accomplishments and no negative thoughts. However, 2021 has people scared of what may or may not happen. People have posted about it all over social media, starting off with positivity and saying “new year new me.” But everyone I have talked to is already doubting the new year because a lot of people were counting on 2020 to be better and look at how that turned out. It didn’t turn out how everyone planned it. But 2021 is all about positivity and goals. So enjoy your year of 2021 and have a great time doing your school work, getting good grades, spreading positivity, and remove all negative things that are in your life. 

Forget last year and start anew with this new year.