Ugly Sweaters

Adriana Maldonado, reporter

In the 1980s Bill Huxtable made ugly sweaters as a meme in his household but yet he was the one who had invented the whole event on Christmas. People did this as a competition in their families and they were called ugly sweaters for their silly and úgly’ look, they were supposed to be creative and look ugly deliberately. But most of all they are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, they are also meant to be a fun activity on a memorable day. My family always goes to either my aunts or grandma’s house and we get a prize on who has the best ugly sweater, whether it be candy or gift cards. It was always a good prize, but I never really liked doing it but now that I’m older I get to create my own ugly sweater and I always seem to have a good idea for all my sweaters. I just thought it was a good idea to share my family tradition on making Christmas sweaters with all of you, Happy Holidays and I hope you will enjoy trying this fun, new tradition.