Meet the staff

Graciela Rivas

I got to interview one of the great newspaper staffers, members Graciela Rivas, and I would love to tell you about her. She is 15 years old and she likes to participating in school activities and spending time with her friends. She looks up to her mom because she raised 6 children on her own. She enjoys spending time with all her friends. One of her hobbies is to  doing nails. Graciela even wants to start a business of her own someday. Her one fear is moths, she has no clue why but she is just scared of them especially when they fly right at her. She is very intelligent and can come up with good ideas in class and likes to be involved but can be very shy at times.

Graciela’s friends find her very beautiful and she loves to check up on her friends, she is always making sure you’re okay. She always wants to make sure  you are wearing a smile. She won’t let you go anywhere until she can understand what you are feeling, and make you laugh. If the teacher asks for any volunteers, Graciela is the first one up and helping with whatever the teacher needs. She’s one person any one can count on for help in school, As she is very good at doing her classes. Graceila is a great writer and loves to write about difficult problems in the world such as teen pregnancy.