Skyline High School Football


Photo Credit: Emili Currey

Tatiana Zamora , reporter

When preparing for a football game the great Grizzlies put in about 8 hours of practice each week. These practices contain a large amount of conditioning and countless drills. Their efforts and large amount of hard work pays off almost every game but the preparation for one requires, of course, physical and mental determination. When talking to the coach he explains how the players prepare for each game. He says, “Watching videos of opponents games are structured into practices so that they can prepare for different schemes.” This is important because they have to mentally prepare themselves to watch out for the unknown tactics the opposing team may have to offer and if you ask me, planning to stop the unknown is difficult. 

Apart from this, considering attending practices, doing homework and dealing with possible personal matters, being mentally prepared at the end of every week for a game may be more challenging than it seems. The ability to focus on one thing and one thing only in the course of a game and to maintain our legacy is highly admirable. Emanuel Hernandez, a player on the varsity football team says, “ trying to maintain focus throughout games can be challenging at times because of life outside of not just football but school all together.” Furthermore, being mentally focused can be a challenge for our football players but the challenge is not unsurpassable. They strive to keep themselves on a fixed mindset to accomplish their goal. 

Considering the amount of hard work the Grizzlies put in, when their efforts aren’t rewarded with a win, they’re filled with great disappointment. Oftentimes they tend to be hard on themselves. Regardless, this doesn’t keep them from going. As I talk to Emanuel he explains “ we take our losses but we learn and strive to be even better the next time around.”  showing ambition and determination to be better than the last game.  They take each loss as a win because as long as you learn from it, it’s more than just an achievement.