K-pop craze keeps growing


Sketch of Hyunjin by Korrina Thomas

Korrinna Thomas

K-pop (short for Korean pop) has exploded in popularity over the past few years because the sexy dancing makes fans hypnotized to the powerful vocals and rhythmic rap . Ever wondered why? The hours idols spend to learn the dances and the songs to make them the best they can are countless, and some groups produce the songs themselves.

The first generation of Korean pop was the groups from 1995 to 2006 and included bands such as Super junior, Shinhwa and TVXQ; the second generation from 2007 to 2013 gave birth to wonder girls, Shinee and BTS; the third, from 2014 to 2018, consisted of groups like GOT7, Red velvet , and STRAY KIDS; and more recently, a fourth generation includes TXT, Super M, and the soon to debut CRAVITY.

 Every group is unique and they have their own way in the world. With every new music video the concepts make fans guess about the meaning. 

As for new groups to debut, there is a lot they must do. There are a lot of people training just to be an idol going through vocal and dance training. A former idol Prince Mak trained from 5 am all the way to 1 am, sometimes only eating one meal. It was hard on him as he had to live up to the expectation, and his company gave him little money for how hard he worked. 

A lot of people fight for the same spot or just to debut. They can go on shows to try and be the best to get picked, some shows include The Unit or Produce x 101. It was said to be like a training camp working hard; just look up the show No Mercy and you can see how hard it can be.

The most inspirations of idols are Gdragon, Hyuna, PSY, Jay Park, Zico and BTS. Due to the popularity of the music, it’s one of the main incomes for Korea as most of the fans are international. Many idols also help by modeling makeup, clothes and doing commercials. 

The most world wide group is BTS as their popularity grew fast during the Wings album gaining more attention their Music Videos got a lot of views within hours of the release their newest album already sold 7m copies within the month it was released

As for Gdragon, he started his music in the group Bigbang. They gained a lot of Korean popularity as the member Jungkook of BTS was a big fan. Hyuna is known for her charm and music. 

Some of the ways groups are made is through survival shows; many trainees go through it. How many years do you think idols train for? How many trainees fail and get left behind? Every song has emotions even if you can’t understand it, look a little deeper at the translated lyrics or the concept. Don’t hate a dream because you don’t understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. The fans help keep them going to make one another smile. 

“This cruel, dreadful day alone, My school hallway is fading away, On this unfamiliar way, I’m so unlucky, I don’t have any map to tell me if this road is right, There’s no way to go up, What I’ve been through is a maze, I never want to go back to, I’m comforting myself, shedding blood and sweat” – Stray Kids Hellevator 

Sketch of Hyunjin by Korrina Thomas