Binge-worthy TV to watch in quarantine

Sydney Melior, Page editor

   We all have our go to show on Netflix. You know the one, when you are bored and just need something to do but don’t know what to watch so you choose the same show over and over again. We’ve all been there believe me. So during our spring break/quarantine if you want to watch your ‘go to’ show go ahead, but I have a few suggestions of shows to watch if you are interested. 

   If you are into true crime and have not watched Criminal Minds yet, what are you doing with your life? Just kidding, but for real it is the perfect binge watching series with 12 seasons, about 20 episodes each season and 40 minutes per episode. You could watch this show for hours and still be interested. If you’ve already checked out Criminal Minds give NCIS a try.

   Who here loves a chill show to turn on as background noise as you are looking at social media on your phone? I know I do! I’ve got 3 shows that are perfect for this: New Girl, The Office and Victorious. If you haven’t watched The Office, now is a perfect time to start! I’m sure you have seen the many memes from this show, so if you want to be included in the meme culture you better watch The Office. If you’ve already watched The Office, take a blast to the past from your childhood and start rewatching Nickelodeon’s classic Victorious. If you’ve already watched every episode of Victorious, start New Girl. Though a little inappropriate for some, this comedy of 4 roommates trying to survive in New York City is the perfect show for a casual binge watch.