Spider-man Swings Into Disneyland

Eli Sorensen, Senior Design Editor

A brand-new, animatronic Spider-man man is headed to Disneyland this summer. Avengers Campus, the first Marvel-themed “land,” created by Disney Imagineering for its parks across the globe, is slated to open at the Disneyland Resort in Disney’s California Adventure Park this June. The headlining attraction for Avengers Campus is located within the “Worldwide Engineering Brigade”—or “W.E.B.”—building. Guests will have the opportunity to ride alongside Spider-man in an interactive, web-slinging adventure. Recently, WED Industries revealed video footage of a fully animated, “stunt” animatronic Spider-man that will be featured in the ride.

The Spider-man robot will be able to swing over guests, simulating a living, breathing version of the action hero. Part of a new “stunt robot” breed of Disney animatronics, this Spider-man is the first of its kind that will be utilized in a completed attraction. What’s more, Avengers Campus is anticipated to open in two phases—Disney and Marvel still have more up their sleeves to show off in the coming months. Aside from Spider-man, though, guests will also have the chance to watch a live stunt show, eat tiny foods at PYM Test Kitchen (courtesy of Ant Man and The Wasp), and meet their favorite heroes. The likes of Doctor Strange, Black Widow, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, the Avengers, and more, will all roam the park, ready to interact with visitors.