Wash up or the flu will catch up


In a recent study conducted by WSS, only half of our students actually wash their hands with soap after using the restroom. Kind of gross to think about, isn’t it? When we observed, three-quarters of those who did not wash with soap washed with only water, and the other quarter didn’t wash at all. With this in mind, I’d like to now go into the what we have been taught in kindergarten and discuss the health issues that come with not washing your hands.

First and foremost, hands are one of the leading ways to contract and spread disease. Every year the world is hit with a large outbreak of the common cold or influenza that goes on to affect millions and even kill. Last year alone, according to the CDC, 80,000 people were lost fighting the flu. While the flu cannot be fully stopped in 2019, we can certainly slow it down my removing the disease with sanitizers and soaps

Leading into my second topic, germs can easily be removed by properly washing one’s hands; and this includes soap. Some germs will die off with water, but most require chemicals to erase them. While it seems like a small issue, these germs carry diseases and viruses that can easily enter the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Overall, it’s not that hard. Scientists through generations have worked and are still working to reduce the spread of diseases and make us all live longer and better lives. It’s been pushed since the day we were born that washing our hands is the easiest way to reduce disease, and yet we still fail to do this simple task. The time is now. Please wash your hands.