Lindsey Gardels

Olivia Felt

  Many may not realize it is possible to graduate from college before one graduates from high school, but Lindsey Gardels (12) has proved that it IS possible. She walked with her class at the College of Eastern Idaho during the second week of May prior to graduating from Skyline.

  Gardels is the picture perfect student when it comes to grades as well as softball. She balances a life with four other siblings, which means she deals with a lot of chaos and super busy schedules on top of all of her high school homework and college assignments.

  How she finds time to play sports on top of that is a mystery, but she said, “The energy on the softball field this year is contagious. We are always laughing and having fun, but it’s while we are still working hard and pushing each other to improve. The members on the softball team I think genuinely like each other. We have become a big family.”

  We asked her what has shaped her into the person she is today, and she stated, “A life event that has shaped me into who I am today is starting at the College of Eastern Idaho at 16 and graduating with my associates degree this week.”

  What are her future plans? “I plan to continue on with my bachelor’s degree in accounting at BYUI starting in the fall.” How does she manage it all? “ I manage my time by starting with the things I have to do, then the things I should do, then the things I want to do. I don’t waste time sitting around doing nothing or using in on things that don’t matter. I try to use every minute I have.”