One Act Play


Photo Credit: Olivia Felt

Thomas Hanson, Annika Sorensen and Bailey Oliver perform at ISU.

Olivia Felt


  While this year’s play did not win any awards at the ISU competition, the cast had a blast and learned new things like team work and dedication. The judges really loved the adult theme, and the intended audience was appreciative.

  The one act play competition includes schools from all over Idaho and Utah. This happens once a year at ISU in Stevens Performing Arts Center.

  This year’s play was directed by Beci Beck, and the assistant director was Niona Seabury (12); they acknowledge this year’s skit is very entertaining and hilarious. With only three actors performing this play, there were definitely some interesting moments on stage. The three actors were Thomas Hansen (12), Annika Sorenson (12), and Bailey Oliver (12). Each played a character with plenty of personality.

  The plot of the play is that John Lomax is in town to ask for the permission of Ma Chamber’s daughter’s hand in marriage. But when the mom hears of his request, she leaves the two “lovers” to their own devices-and doesn’t tell Natalie the intent of John’s visit.

  Talking to Oliver, she gave me a bit of insight into how everything went down. “It was one of our best performances. We didn’t win a prize, but I won best actress!” However, just because she won best actress doesn’t mean she loved the part she got. “I didn’t like the character that I played. She was annoying, and too much like me for me to like her.” As for her feelings about acting, she said, “I can’t wait to do it again.”