Spotlight Brody Owens


Photo Credit: McKay Peterson

Brody Owens plays baseball for Skyline.

McKay Peterson, Page Editor

A humble and shy hulk of a young man, Brody Owens (12) and the rest of the Skyline Grizzlies are going to state for varsity baseball.

“My dad played baseball when he was in high school and college,” Owens said when we asked why he plays and what motivates him.  

Throughout the years, Owen’s has learned a lot about teamwork and effort. “Baseball is a very big team game, like if one person does bad it affects everyone, so everyone  has to play together as a team. If you don’t play as a team in baseball, you won’t win any games.”

Owens would like to encourage aspiring baseball players to put the time in, as “effort is the only controllable thing in the game.”