Local Cinco de Mayo celebration held at Tautphaus


Photo Credit: Rosa Maldonado

Chocolate covered funnel cake

Rosa Maldonado-Ramirez

Hundreds of people around Eastern Idaho celebrate Cinco de Mayo with loud music, cultural dances, and delicious food. This celebration takes place every year in the Tautphaus Park on May 5th.

In 1862 Mexican army’s won victory over France in the Battle of Puebla. Although Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, for many Mexicans it is seen as any other day, “I noticed it is more celebrated here and made as something big when Mexico doesn’t even celebrate it,”  Rigoberto Bedolla (10) said.

Many people like to go and enjoy a great show early through the day while eating the variety of food provided by the food trucks in the event, “I’ve been there about a solid five times, the food they sell made me want to keep going each year” Beatriz Ramirez (10) said. There you can enjoy many delicious foods. Bedolla got to enjoy many new tastes: “I tried a triple berry funnel cake, a chocolate funnel cake and Bambinos for the first time.”

The event usually lasts in between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. During the beginning of the event there is a show for everyone to enjoy. “I saw all the Mexican dances the people did and heard very loud music coming from the inside” Ramirez said.

Along with dances, music, and food, the festival has many stands where you can purchase many different types of items. The items you can find there vary from makeup and clothing to toys and tools, “I bought a mirror rainbow knife that comes in handy when I go fishing” Bedolla said.  

In addition to the many fun activities for adults and teenagers, there are fun activities for children as well. A train like ride pulled by a four wheeler entertains many children as well as all the bouncy houses and other fun rides. Every year Tautphaus Park celebrates Cinco de Mayo by creating great spectaculars for everyone to see. If you are looking for a fun time with friends and family this is a great way to learn and enjoy different cultural celebrations. “I saw horses and a lot of food trucks, there was many activities to participate in and they sold many souvenirs,” Bedolla said. Cinco de Mayo is a great way to interact with new people, experience new tastes, and learn more about the Mexican culture.