Binge worthy Netflix shows

Cassidy Monson

The Vampire Diaries (CW) series has 8 seasons but with all of the spinoffs you’re looking at 14 seasons and counting. However if you don’t like the vampire, witches, and werewolf type shows this series may not be for you. It’s all about high schooler named Elena Gilbert who finds out her boyfriend is vampire and has to come to terms with magic and the supernatural being real.

Originals has 5 seasons (CW) is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries and in my personal opinion much better than TVD. Watching TVD is not 100% necessary in order to understand the Originals but it would be helpful to watch into about season three or four to understand the concept. The Originals is all about the six Original vampires and the original vampire werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson being the first vampire ever to have a baby.

Legacies (CW) has 1 seasons so far, it is a spin off of the Originals and in order to have any idea of what’s going on you will need to watch both TVD and The Originals. legacies is about the supernatural kids of the main characters of The Vampire Diaries and the Originals. This spinoff series is my personal favorite of the three just because of how well the writers do of tying in all of the old characters and old plots.

Riverdale (CW) 3 seasons- This is a show based off of the Archie comic books. The show starts off with the tragic murder of Jason Blossom and turns into a murder mystery with many twists and turns throughout the plot. This show has drama, affairs, gangs, heartbreaks, and so much more. If you like cheesy acting and predictable plot lines this show is definitely for you.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina- this is a remake of the 90s television sitcom Sabrina the teenage witch. This show however has a bit of dark twist, instead of good witches the Spellman family worships the devil and attends the church of the night. Instead of phrases like “thank god” they’ll say “praise satan” and “thank Lucifer”. It is also in the same universe as Riverdale and was written into the same Archie comic books. Both shows often talked about Sweetwater River as a little easter egg.

The Umbrella Academy has one season so far but it’s definitely worth starting. Like riverdale, The Umbrella Academy is based off of comic books. The show is about seven siblings with superpowers that all come back to their hometown where they grew up for their father’s funeral. Through many turns of events they end up trying to stop an apocalypse. The main reason I recommend the show is for one character named Klaus. He is literally the funniest character in the whole show because he’s constantly super drunk or on drugs and while he starts out as a comic relief for the show you grow to love him, his character and his backstory. I 1,000,000,000% recommend this show.