Teachers depart to new adventures

Teachers depart to new adventures

Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor


  His accomplishments are many and varied: He has kept his wits and developed many clever jokes to be used on a wide variety of students over the years, whether it be from a packet of mustard to the number 2, or always being able to relate with students by being 21 for 4 consecutive years that I know of. He has a gift for getting students’ attentions and keeping them mesmerized with his basic deadpan humor and clever wordplay. Robert Koepplin has been working for 34 years here at Skyline High School, and we will miss him.

  He is “most proud of the accomplishments of my students and all that they have learned about the German language and culture of the German speaking countries,” he said  Not only has he been an excellent teacher here at Skyline, he has been the adviser for Skyline German Club, “which is an amazing group,” he said, and he has supervised the German Exchange Program with the Bernhard Strigel Gymnasium in Memmingen, Germany, for 18 years, all in addition to being the Head of the Foreign Language Department, a member of the Building Leadership Team, a district PLC lead for World Languages, an LDC facilitator, a mentor for new teachers, and a member of a number of committees. Currently, he is aiding the Skyline Culture committee.

  Since 2006, Mr.Koepplin has served as an adjunct instructor for Idaho State University, allowing him to offer classes for college credit.  He works as a consultant for the Educational Testing Service on national teacher examinations and collaborates on projects with the Goethe Institute to develop instructional materials for German classes and exchange programs.

  Last year Mr.Koepplin was given an award by the College of Arts and Letters for recognition of his dedicated work with the Early College program, and he has also received the Duden Award for teaching German along with being a Fulbright Scholar, which allowed him to study at the University of Vienna in Austria and a member of the Circle of Scholars at the University of Montana.

  He leaves some advice for students who plan to take foreign language classes: “Expect things to be different. That is why it’s called a foreign language. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all do. They are a great opportunity to learn. Above all, have fun!” and for German Club he says, “I am very proud of the students in German Club. They have done so much to serve the school and community and have always tried to make everyone feel welcome. I hope that continues.” To all of his students he would like to say, “Thanks for giving me the chance to be your teacher. It has been an honor and a privilege to get to know and work with you. Ich wünsche euch alles Gute!

  I would like to have it be known that Herr.K has been a great inspiration and deeply will be missed but many here at Skyline and that we wish him only the best of wishes and luck and that he has fun and remembers us as we remember him. Wir werden alle Du fehlst, groß Lehrer!