Art Feature

Tayla Taylor

Art is a great outlet for creative minds to express their talents. whether it’s through poetry, painting, drawing, or other forms of art. These skills have huge impacts that reach far past the pen and paper. The skills acquired through doing art can tie into academics and everyday life. Art has shown to increase mindset growth. The amount of motivation and perseverance that artists have can help further the their academics as well, making them want to strive for progression.

Other aspects that are improved by art are one’s cognitive and communication skills. Looking at the musical arts specifically being able to have good memory, hand-eye coordination, and attention to detail are crucial. Besides this, communications are built up through being able to bring people together and convey certain emotions. Our world is built upon the connections we make, so being able to create ties between you and other people a little easier is significant. Art is a way to convey self expression and show your talents to the world, however the impacts art has reach far past the paper.