Spencer Harding


Photo Credit: Janis Orchard

Spencer Harding Posting for a photo.

Janis Orchard, Reporter

  Loyal, motivated and punny are the words Spencer Harding (12) used to describe himself.

  He is a long jumper for track, but found it a little difficult this year because he tore his LCL and ACL muscles and got bone bruise, and long jump is all knees. “It was when we were playing Madison basketball team and I was planted to jump and my knee buckled,” Harding said.

  Harding is a track athlete first. He plays basketball to stay in shape for track. He was going to long jump for BYU in Utah after school, but first he wants to go on a mission for two years. After his injury, he is not sure he will be able to compete at the collegiate level in track, but he still is going to go to BYU for school.

“Spencer was a huge contributor to basketball. He worked really hard at his game,” Clint Cornish, the head boys basketball coach, said.

What was his favorite part of high school? ¨Being part of the Skyline community. In the sport world we call it a Grizz fam. It is a really special group. Everyone knows each other. Everyone is out for each other.¨

He has some lasting words of wisdom for fellow students staying behind: ¨Take advantage of your situation now because pretty soon as you end up like us seniors saying ‘man I wish I had done that’.”