Student Government Voting Results

Photo Credit: Janis Orchard
Newly elected SB President Whitney Price made colorful posters.

Janis Orchard, Reporter

Ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school: This was the attitude that inspired several Skyline students to run for office in our recent student government elections.

 Without leaders dedicated to making Skyline a better place, school spirit would stagnate. A strong student government can be critical to motivate and engage the student body in a number of ways.

 Newly elected Student Body President Whitney Price (11) understands: “I think it is important  to have good leadership in place,” she said. What does she like about being an officer? “The inclusive aspect of it,” she said.

 Price and her executive council have high aspirations for next year. “I don’t think Skyline has enough unity. It is important to me as being Student Body President or just being in the class that all classes feel included, that Skyline is more of a community.” What is she looking forward to the most? “A chance to serve the school. I really love Skyline and love the people. I notice everything about it, and there are so many good aspects, and I think as Student Body President there is so much I can improve upon to make us a better school.”

  So what do student government officers do? “We have to come up with different ideas for floats and we technically do different things: we help with the Souper Bowl and the class float, like how it is going to look and the topic/theme. We work as one big group. Helping out with the school to make school better,” Abigail Resendiz (10), future Junior class vice president, said.

 Some offices come with a lot of responsibility. “I will be planning the reunions for ten years and twenty years. I get to help design the sweat shirts and the senior class party,” Aliyah Rhodes (11), the newly elected Senior Class President, said.

 Marshall Rhodes (10) ran unopposed for one of the more recent executive council positions: the Technical Director. As such, he will design the game-day shirts and make a bunch of posters for different events like the carnival. He will also do all the presentations for when they go to state. “I am looking forward to the Regional Conference and designing a powerpoint for that on how to be a leader,” Rhodes said.

 Some new officers are new to student government, but others are experienced veterans. “I have been in Student Government since sixth grade. I did not do it seventh grade,” Alexai Atwood (9) said. What is she looking forward to? “Making more memories with everyone being able to have a good time like we did this year,” she said.

 Others are seeking for new opportunities. “I want to run to get more involved with the school. It feels nice to get involved knowing that you put all your hard work into big community. Maybe something like the Souper Bowl, it really helps out the community a lot,” Artour Valadez (9), who had hoped to become the sophomore vice president, said. “I am running to try something new, to get new school experience by helping them out with the things they do for the school,” Beartriz Ramirez (10), the future junior class secretary, said.

 One person just happened to be in the right place at the right time when she agreed to participate in student government. Alexia Atwood (9) tells the story, “How it happened was I heard the announcement for elections, and the counselor was standing outside, and as I walked out of school she asked, ‘Do you want to run?’ I said sure, I will run for President.” Sometimes, a little encouragement is all it takes.