Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor

Reworked and R-rated, Hellboy was released Friday, April 12th and was looking to be promising. However, the trailers and critics cause the movie to seem ruined.

The movie itself follows an interesting story line by balancing the Hellboy 2004 story line and Hellboy The Wild Hunt comics story line while sprinkling in bits of their own story filler here and there.


Getting into the movie itself without any adults very challenging. Without saying too much to incriminate myself, let’s just say I made it in, candy in pockets.


The movie started strong with the blood and gore and consistently stayed that way throughout the movie. If you are not squeamish at the sight of blood and love a wise cracking demon that solves problems by punching or shooting them away, this movie is for you.


The movie was praised by audiences, with 63 percent audience score; however, it was criticized heavily as being a bad movie with a 15 percent positive rating by critics on rotten tomatoes. Critics claimed that the movie built little suspense for anything and that most events in the movie happened at random and that the characters were boring and unlikable, which is totally not too true. However, in my opinion, it is an action movie. I didn’t pay for 10 minutes of dialogue every other minute to explain that Hellboy is about to punch something.


However, the trailers is what made me the most upset in which one of the big character secrets was revealed in the trailers, and after watching the movie and re-watching the trailers, so much can be revealed from watching it.


On a good note, Hellboy matched comedy and horror together excellently with plenty of gore, action with a good one or two curse words every few minutes and gave so my amazing plot twists that ultimately made it enjoyable. If you are planning it wait till the very end trust me! There are two big after credit scenes that are also enjoyable.