Stoners Strive for Support: But Fail in the End

Marcos Resendiz-Lopez, Jr. Sr. Journalist II

Stoner culture has been a thing since the beginning of the drug war in the 1970s, and even before that, there’s always been a huge following for this little green plant. A lot has changed since then: marijuana use is slowly but surely becoming more and more normalized as time goes on, 28 states so far have made it fully legal, and more states are planning on following that green path.

It’s safe to say that people love their weed, and there is a whole community based around it, but of course a lot of the people of the community, or in this case “culture,” are incredibly toxic. Yeah, it’s how ironic that the drug that makes people so chill can also make them so defensive and paranoid towards said drug, but with this defensive nature comes people who fabricate false evidence and emotional cries.

There will always be someone there to claim that weed cures cancer, for which they got their evidence from, but it’s highly improbable that it cures cancer, because if it did, stoner culture wouldn’t exist.

A question that sparks is how did these stoners even get the idea that weed is curing cancer? The claim has been made numerous times for years, but an article from PoliticusUSA accidentally deceived thousands of people with this quote: “In fact, on the NIH website devoted to the hideous disease,, they published the truth about marijuana and its effectiveness at combatting [sic] cancer in a stunning reversal of over four decades of deliberate fear-mongering and propaganda portraying the common weed as dangerous;”

This article is still being used as the main source for people who still believe weed cures cancer, but here’s the thing: in no way shape or form is this true. It sounds like something an anti-vax person would say. has a page dedicated to marijuana and what it can do, and here’s what weed does to cancer patients, dumbed down for the stoners: it treats chemotherapy nausea, can be helpful for the neurotic pain cancer provides, makes it easier for food to go down, and it’s a sidegrade to pain medicine. This means it makes cancer more comfortable, but it definitely does not cure it.

The thing that may explain as to why stoner culture still believes these outlandish claims is that the people are leaning more towards the side where ignorance is bliss, not to say that they’re dumb or anything, it’s just that they would much rather hear the good things rather than the bad things. Lots of stoners look over how smoking weed doesn’t protect them from getting lung cancer, plus studies have shown that marijuana use can increase the effects of anxiety, schizophrenia, and even cause psychosis. A student who wished to remain anonymous has said, “Yeah, I feel like weed is good depending on the vibe, but overall it sort of affected my way of thinking, like it sometimes makes me overthink a ton which doesn’t help my anxiety.”

Most stoners aren’t that bad, though. In fact, a lot of them aren’t bad once you get to know them, it’s just that they can be so passionate about this little green plant that it’s funny. They just need to take a chill pill and do some real research before they spit out nonsense.