SHS Cheer

Olivia Felt

B we are the Baddest, L we are the Loudest, U we are United, E Everybody wants to be… BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!!!” For most students at Skyline High, they get up around 7 in the morning and get home around 4 in the afternoon. But the Skyline cheerleaders are a different story; being blue takes up their whole day.

“We wake up at about five thirty every morning,” Holly Taylor (12) said. “We come to practice, go right to school after practice. Most days we have games right after school, so we are here at about five thirty in the morning and leave ten or nine thirty at night.” This is Monday through Friday, and sometimes even Saturday.

Paula Ashby, the long-time cheer coach, reported that every year it is the Skyline cheerleaders, along with student government, who decorate Raveston Stadium for the Emotion Bowl. They also spend hours painting the windows of local businesses, and then they return a week later to wash them. The cheerleaders also make all of the signs for games throughout the year. It can definitely be a huge, but rewarding, commitment.

When it comes to balancing cheer and school, they seem to have found a system, or at least Riley Hegstrom (9)  has. “It’s so much work. With cheer, I have games every night, I have homework every night, I have cheer in the morning. So you just have to find that balance. With me being injured right now, sometimes I find time to do my homework during practice because I cannot do stuff.” Though unconventional, her way of balancing school and cheer works for her. “We have practice at six in the morning, so i get up at five, and then i dont go to bed until ten or eleven at night so i can get all my homework done.” Said Kameron Shanks (12), though difficult to balance school, work, and cheer, she makes a way to get it done.

When it comes to drama on the team,  Ashby gave some great advice. “There’s always drama; there’s drama in anything that you do in life. They ( skyline cheerleaders) need to learn to work well together and work through those problems. I encourage them to worry about themselves, if you can only worry about yourself in life, and not worry about the other person, your life will be ten times easier.”

Though tough and time consuming, cheerleading for these boys and girls has become a family that will last a there whole highschool career.