Hereditary horror: slow, suspenseful

Eric Garcia, Reporter

In the recent years horror has revitalized itself and become the underdog genre. It has had some truly remarkable films lately that have garnered critical and audience praise. Award shows have never properly recognized genre films at all, especially horror. From the 1950s when they forgot about Alfred Hitchcock to 2019 when they forgot about Hereditary.

Hereditary is a film written and directed by Ari Aster. It stars Toni Collette as Annie Graham and Milly Shapiro as Charlie Graham. Toni Collette originally didn’t want to do more dark films, but she fell in love with the script so much that she agreed to do this movie. That could be why she gave the best performance of 2018. The whole movie is greatly acted and brings you into this world.

The movie revolves around the death of the family matriarch and Annie takes over the role of matriarch. Charlie had a special bond with the deceased grandmother while the rest of the family weren’t as close with her, but Annie did not like her. It is Annie who is haunted by the actions of her mom. Annie has to deal with the ignorance of her mom early on in the movie that forces her into an uncomfortable position. The whole movie revolves around the theme of whether or not our problems are a family issue and whether those problems will stay in our family because they’re hereditary.

Hereditary is rated R, and you can see this in the darker atmosphere of the film. It’s supposed to be dark since it is a horror movie, but the horror in the film emerges from the suspense. There is a scene in the movie that makes the viewer wonder why the demons of the grandmother are attacking her grandson, Peter. The audience doesn’t know why he’s the victim of his mom’s form of coping with a death in the family. This movie is that it is a little slow and it does has some cliches, but it does it better and turns up the horror to an 11.

This movie in a way is old-fashioned because it starts off as if it were a drama, but the events that occur and make the viewer realize that this movie is dark. The scene that starts off the middle part of the movie shows the viewer that this is not a movie to take lightly. The viewer has to engage with this movie to enjoy it even more.

The movie was one of the most engaging movies of 2018, because the audience constantly has to wonder why this family has to go through this. It’s unpredictable and the ending proves that. This movie is available on Amazon Prime Video. Its underrated and deserves a view.