GSA appreciates AIDS memorial quilt


Photo Credit: Leslie Jaynes

Mick Godek (11) and Afton McIsaac (10) took time to remember and appreciate several victims of AIDS as they visited the AIDS Memorial Quilt display at the Elk's Lodge earlier this month.

Leslie Jaynes, Reporter

GSA, standing for “Gay-Straight Alliance,” is a club focused on inclusion and acceptance. Members of the club recently gathered together to see the AIDS memorial quilt at the Elks Lodge on Nov. 28, and the number of people represented was intense.

Each handmade square on this quilt represents a man, woman or child that was afflicted with and passed away due to AIDS/HIV. Although learning about this topic can be quite controversial, teacher Beci Beck believes “[it is] a part of our history that a lot of people [have opinions on] but don’t want to talk about.”

Staying informed on an epidemic that still affects 38,500 people annually, according to the CDC in 2015, is severely important. Afton McIsaac (10) also stated that we should stay informed “to spread awareness of the AIDS epidemic.”

GSA has been a part of school life for generations and continues to change the lives of students that want complete acceptance. The main reasons behind GSA are to educate, accept, and motivate all youth that are involved. Becoming a part of something so important, even on a national scale, can boost the confidence and personal acceptance of any one, young or old. Participating in and acknowledging the existence of such an impactful group is imperative in order to ensure longevity in the improvement of the welcoming nature of entire