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The Dobre Brothers

Diondre Bacon, Reporter

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The Dobre Brothers Youtube Sensations

By: Diondre Bacon


The Dobre Brothers Youtube sensations. They sing, they dance, do back flips, and prank people.


The Dobre Brothers are rappers and are most popular among young adult boys.  They prank each other and other people as well. They like to keep their fans laughing. Marcus and Lucas are twins and are the younger brothers to Darius and Cyrus.  In one of the episodes on youtube it shows the older brothers surprising their twin brothers with brand new Acura cars for their birthdays.


The brothers are best known for writing and singing their own rap music, vlogs, comedy, and now have their own youtube channel.  They earned an easy million subscribers due to unique and family friendly pranks. They like to keep their music and vlogs positive sending a good message to all who watch.  The brothers all take turns narrating and showing their unique personalities, talents, and strengths. They continue to be themselves even off the screen keeping life uplifted and positive.


The four brothers have earned alot of money thru their channel and now have an estimated net worth of 1.4 million they make monthly from 17.5k to 210.4k. Lucus and Marcus run their own channel but both channels build off each other.  All of this is influenced by several factors like the device played on, the location of the viewer, ad inventory, how many ads, skipped ads, ad engagement ect. They also get extra money from You Tube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on videos without ads, they get paid based on watch time on their videos.


So If you like humor, good music, and funny pranks watch Dobre on youtube you won’t be disappointed


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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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The Dobre Brothers