Why you should vote

Shelby Lee, Reporter

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  1.  Young voters account for half the voting population  

    The younger vote has the potential to sway the election. As the baby boomers decrease in size, experts assume is is a matter of time before millennials and younger become large and powerful group driving future elections. As unfortunate as it is, not all who can vote will. Meaning that only a small number of young voters get to influence issues that might impact their live later on.


  1. Young voters are a diverse group

    According to Brookings.edu, 44 percent of millenials and “post-millenials” (18-21) identify as some minority.


  1. Voting is a right that generations struggled to have

    Voters today may take their right to vote for granted, but it was less than a century ago when entire groups of people, like women and African-Americans, were denied the right.


  1. Young voters are more likely to support social issues

    Young adults are likely to supports same sex marriage, supporting an easier way for citizenship for immigrants and gun-control.


  1. Americans have a history of ghosting the polls

 Only about 42% of Americans voted in the last midterms. The number gets even lower to 20% when it comes to millennials.


  1. More votes means better representation

If more people vote, then the opinion of the people will be better represented. If people choose not to vote, then the decisions that are made represent only the voices of a smaller group of people— and that may not necessarily be what’s best for everyone.


  1. Every vote counts

Although a very common belief amongst those who don’t vote is that their vote doesn’t matter, nothing could be further from the truth. Many elections are decided by a small number of people. For example, in the presidential election in 1960, only 112,827 more people voted for John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon. That’s less than half the population of Boise!


“It is important for young people to vote because these are the future generations that will… run our country for us” Senaida Gonzalez (11) said. “Getting to have an opinion and say in our government,” is what she is most looking forward to about being able to vote next year.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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