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Soap Opera Drama Meets Murder Mystery

Kaylin Kuhn

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  Thirteen Past Midnight is a murder mystery that is also like Clue in a way. There are 16 characters, but only 13 of whom play the murder mystery game that Victor Winslow, played by Thomas Hansen (12), creates for the cast of the soap opera.  

  Victor invites the cast (plus some extra people) to his “game.” He gives the details of the game to the players. He locks everyone in the mansion to have them play the game. He has a dummy as him for the game to be “murdered.”

  Everyone (especially those on the show) have a motive for murdering the director/Victor since he is firing someone off the show. The cast of the creative crew is as follows: The writer, Eve Fulton (Annika Sorensen 12), and Gary Anderson the director ( Aiden Kelly 11). Skylar Trent (Chance Scrogum 12), and Toni Crawford (Morgan Felt 12) team up to kill “Victor” to give each other an alibi, but Alison Trent (Kaylin Kuhn 11) despises that idea because she is a jealous wife. Zara Dare (Angel Green 10) wants to kill “Victor” because of hidden reasons, and her “boyfriend” on the show Chad Martin (Cameron  Gardner 10) thinks he’s better than Victor.

  Victor invited and hired a writer, Lila Lamont (Niona Seabury 12) and also a private investigator, Pete Griffin (Eric Green 11). Victor’s servants/ housekeepers Brenda Moss the maid (Christina), Maureen O’Malley the cook (Maritza Cervantes 10), and Durwood (Elliott Boring 10) aren’t apart of the game, only there for answering questions from the actual players.

  We can’t forget Talbert Worthington (Mike DeYoung 12) and Louise Burke (Amaya Melendez 12). They work together to kill “Victor” while Louise looks after the old Talbert. There is one person that has a really strong motive to kill Victor, and that is his wife, Kathryn Winslow (Amber Schulz 12). Her motive is that Victor has started the process to divorce her to be with another woman.


    Many characters are strange and fun, but what the players loved most is surprising and funny in many ways. Hansen said he liked his character because of the twist he put on him when he decided to portray the character as gay. He said he stayed in character by trying to “Feel powerful, and look at Chance to see how charming he is.”

    The assistant director, Kayla Speas 11, said the thing she finds the absolute hardest about her job in the play is going back over and having Beci Beck, the drama teacher, change things on her. That is also hard on the actors because they have to remember every change plus lines, but with her job she gets to see every relationship with the characters. “My favorite character in the show is Skyler or Toni because they are very funny and their characters really represent who they are,” Speas said.

 Opening night will commence the the Skyline Litter Theater on Nov 6th and run until Nov 10th.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Soap Opera Drama Meets Murder Mystery