Isabel Gonzalez-Salazar: More than just a painting


Photo Credit: Isabel Gonzalez-Salazar

Isabel Gonzalez-Salazar is a well talented artist whom continues to express her emotions and feelings on a canvas.

Alejandra Salinas, Editor in Chief

 With a pencil in hand, Isabel Gonzalez-Salazar (11) has been expressing her personal ideas on a canvas. “I started because it was a way to express myself by displaying my artwork in front of others. It granted me individuality and uniqueness,” Salazar said. Not only has she been doing drawing since she was young, but she was also painting by the time she entered her first year of school. “I’ve been drawing and painting since I’ve been able to pick up a pencil at such a young age. I mainly focused on drawing, then I was exposed to other mediums such as painting when I starting go to school at the age of 6. Since then, my abilities have expanded among the diverse aspects of art with the knowledge I collected from my educational career,” the junior said. The way that she focuses on her ideas and puts her personal life into her paintings is unique. All her paintings have a significant meaning. “All my pieces have a larger meaning than what is put on the paper. Others may not see the significance, but it’s there since. I enjoy including aspects of my personal life into my projects which allow me to spread my ideas throughout various groups of people whether they are social, political, or economical,” she said.

  For many, painting and drawing is a way to clear the mind and relax. For some it can be stressful, but not for her. According to Salazar, “It comes easy to me. I am able to create and execute concepts fairly quickly. Art is a way for me to relax and develop a piece with ease because all the ideas are already running through my mind.” When it comes to Salazar and her pieces of art, it is easy to point out her artistic abilities. “Every artist has their own aesthetic and style. What makes my style different is the boldness of the lines and my choice of color. I try to keep aspects of realism within my work, but I also like to experiment with other mediums,” she said.       

 The painting on the front page was given the Honorable Mention Award and Salazar could not be any prouder of her work. She mentioned, “I feel my award to be a memorable achievement, despite not winning, because it is truly an honor for my piece to be considered at a higher ranking as compared to the pieces from the other numerous amount of competitors. It was a really unique experience for me because I have never really been into competing my art. And when I did at the University of Idaho, my work went further than I ever thought it would. I had spent so many weeks on that painting that I even took it out of the country during Christmas vacation so I could work on it during my free time. Therefore, I am proud that my art received recognition with the Honorable Mention Award.” This is only the beginning for Salazar as she plans on continuing placing her ideas on a canvas. “Art makes me who I am. It would be hard for me to stop,” she said.