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AP VS. Dual Enrollment: Which one’s better?

Tania Carrillo Malagon, Reporter

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Choices, choices: As registration looms near, Class Choice will provide students with many choices as they build their schedules for next year. To Ap or Dual Enrollment: for many that will be the question.
It is an excellent idea to enroll in an AP class or a Dual Enrollment class if students are planning on attending college once you graduate from High School. It doesn’t really matter if you do not take both of the classes as long as whatever class you are taking benefits you. Colleges are always looking for students who have taken challenging high school curriculums and how well they did in that class. Like many students, Jacquelyn Bigham took an English AP Class to challenge herself and get college credit. But there are other reasons students decide to sign up for an AP class. “I decided to take an AP Class cause I feel like normal classes are just to easy and to basic and people there don’t really care about education, they just care about passing,” Jessica Avila (11) said.  Krista Smylie (10) claims that the reason she chose to take an AP class was that so she could be better prepared for her future when she is older. Although AP Classes may be challenging, it looks very good in your college application and it will most likely impress college admission counselors.
Jamee Evans (10) decided to take take a Dual Enrollment to easily transfer them to college. Evans also mentions that in CollFrench 101, Madam Youinou, the French teacher, teaches differently instead of making everything book based. According to Evans it is not that hard to keep up as it is in an AP Class.
Whether you will be attending college or not, it would be really clever on your part if you decide to take an AP Class or at least a Dual Enrollment class. Not only will it make you smarter but it will prepare you better for the future.
If you are not sure on what class to take, consider this: If you are able to test well under pressure on timed tests, memorizing and recalling information that you learned a long time ago, and prefer to spend time in class analyzing and discussing information you are going over, then an advanced placement class is the right class for you. If you want to be in a class full with motivated students who are focused on learning and you plan to stay in-state for college, you may want to enroll in a Dual Enrollment class. Enrolling in a dual class will also save you money on college books and on the college lessons taught to you.

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AP VS. Dual Enrollment: Which one’s better?