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Honors: Is it for you?

Sujata Gandhi, Reporter

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When most people think of advanced classes at Skyline, they think of large amounts of work, impossibly hard questions, and little time for activities outside of schools. However, that isn’t always what an advanced class is.

“Honors classes are for those students who like a challenge and can do harder things,” Miranda Tyler (9), a student in Freshman Honors English, said. One of the differences students notice between advanced and normal classes is that advanced classes require students to put as much effort as they can into their work if they want to pass. Advanced classes are usually filled with more motivated students who want to work harder and challenge themselves to do their best, which usually means that everyone can focus on learning instead of constantly getting off-task. In advanced classes, usually if there is a student that refuses to do the work, then they will fail or be transferred to another class.

Although advanced classes are more challenging, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun! Many honors students agree that advanced history is one of the most enjoyable classes. “Ashby is cool,” said Marshall Rhodes (9), one of her students in Honors World History.

Mostly, advanced classes provide an environment for students who want to learn and be challenged, versus classes where only a handful of students want to stay focused. “It is sad to see students who should be challenged their freshman/ sophomore year decide to not be challenged. In the end, they do not grow and are underprepared for A.P. classes, which undoubtedly prepare them for college,” Kristina Batalden said.

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Honors: Is it for you?