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Congressional Briefing: Tax Plans, DACA, Healthcare appear on agenda

Nicolas Sloan, Reporter

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Trump’s New Tax Plan

As of Dec. 20 Republicans tax bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, has been passed. This act will strongly impact the future of all American’s taxes. Firstly, the new bill will introduce new tax brackets. Most income tax rates dropped 1-2%, meaning Americans will be getting less of their income taken from taxes. The bill also introduces double standard deduction, child care credits, and no more Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). While the bill does propose many new benefits, it also comes with some cons. These include things such as State/Local Tax deduction being eliminated, a mortgage interest cap, and property tax deduction being capped at $10,000. “I think the new tax bill is a good idea because people who work will get more out of their paychecks and get more of what they deserve” Garrett Wadsworth (10) said.

ObamaCare’s Future

Ever since Trump came into presidency, there has been multiple attempts at scrapping the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or more commonly known as ObamaCare. This Act has been around since Obama’s presidency in 2010. Since President Trump came into office, the GOP has tried and failed many times to repeal the act. But with the passing of the new tax bill, the situation has changed. The new bill removes the individual mandate, which requires Americans to have at least a minimum level of health insurance. This is one thing ObamaCare relied on, as most unemployed Americans wouldn’t pay for health care unless the law required them to. This has made Trump confident that he has basically repealed ObamaCare, but there is still a chance for its survival. Just because there is no longer a law requiring Americans to have health insurance, this doesn’t mean that ObamaCare will be completely repealed. As Obama himself has stated, it’s not because people don’t want health insurance, it’s because they can’t afford it. Recent polls have shown that only around 7 percent of individuals plan to abandon their ObamaCare coverage after the mandate is repealed. While the repeal of the individual mandate will strongly impact ObamaCare, it most likely won’t kill it off.

Dreamers and the DACA Repeal

Even people not big into politics probably know about all the talk surrounding the deportation of undocumented immigrants. We all remember one of Trump’s biggest promises when he was campaigning for president, deporting immigrants and building a wall surrounding the Mexican border. Well he’s starting to take action on his promise, and it starts with his plan to scrap DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival). DACA is a program that protects citizens brought to the US illegally as children. Citizens protected under DACA are known as Dreamers. With the way things are heading, it appears that the DACA is set to end early in March this year. Republican lawmakers are currently working on a proposal to come up with a compromise to protect Dreamers, while also having increased border patrol. There has been no compromise as of yet that President Trump has agreed to sign on. “I think it [the DACA repeal] will affect students here at Skyline, especially their personal lives… they’ll also face a lot of hardships in school because of it,” Orlando Martinez-Sanchez (10) said.

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Congressional Briefing: Tax Plans, DACA, Healthcare appear on agenda