Snow day activities

Rosa Maldonado, Reporter

Some fun activities to do through the Christmas break are limitless, here are a few things available during the winter time.

  • The Aquarium newly opened this year is a great place to check out year round it is open 9am-8pm everyday at the cost of $12 per person.
  • Ice skating at the Joe Marmo / Wayne Lento Ice Arena is open until March 31. The admission cost is $4.25 plus $3.25 for renting skates unless you bring your own. The outdoor skating is only charging for the rental that is $3.25 for each pair of skates.
  • Freeman Park’s annual light show will be going on until December 24. The drive through fee is $10 per vehicle. It is open to the public everyday 6pm-10pm.
  • Sledding is free of cost in the Ucon Pit and Freeman Park.
  • Kelly Canyon is opened Monday- Saturday, 12:30-5:00pm at the cost of $33