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Trump Trashes Birth Control Coverage

Shelby Lee

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 The Trump administration has diverted from former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act which required insurers to cover birth control at zero cost to women. This move prevents anyone, from insurance executives to work bosses,  from denying coverage to birth control and live out their religious identity. But it’s not just employees worried about the lack of coverage, students attending private colleges and university may have their health care coverage ripped away from them.

More than 50 years ago the FDA approved the birth control pill for use, and it had a revolutionary impact on our nation. It has given women an opportunity to plan their family in a safe way, which studies have linked to lower abortion and infant mortality rates. Teen pregnancy is at an all-time-low because of the access to birth control. Despite the essential medical need, birth control hasn’t been treated like basic health care and more like a luxury by insurers. This leaves women to pay out-of-pocket costs that can total up to $600 a year and 44 percent of their health care expenses.

 This was changed when President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, which was ten years after Viagra was first covered by insurers. Insurers were finally required to cover birth control at zero cost. As a result of this, 62 million women and girls now have access to contraception at no cost, which had drove down total prescription drug cost for Americans by 63 percent nationwide. A study estimated that women save about $1.4 billion on pills alone in just a year. This extra money that women and girls save can be used for food, education, extra curricular activities, expenses like household and medical, or to provide for her family and children.

Of our elected offcials, 71 percent are men, and they don’t know anything about women and/or birth control, so what right do they have to make this decision? Birth control is about and used for way more than just contraceptive purposes.    

   Menstrual pain is the reason why 31 percent of women and girls take the pill to ease it according to Attn.com. Menstrual pain for many women is like getting punched in the stomach over and over again. Some girls miss school or work because they pain they have is so unbearable.

  Then there is women, 28 percent of pill users, who take it to regulate the flow of their periods. Now, the use of the word “flow” may be uncomfortable. But if you are going to regulate the access to birth control for women, you’re going to have to deal with it. Conditions like endometriosis cause quite the flow for many women, so they shouldn’t be cut off from the medicine that helps them cope.

  Another 14 percent of girls use it to control acne, which can increase chances of landing a new job and raise their self-esteem. Who doesn’t want girls to feel confident and find employment?

  And guess what? Some women take the pill so they don’t get pregnant when they are with a partner. That’s great for those women and their partners who aren’t ready to be parents. Again, contraceptive access has proven to decrease abortion rates.

  To the male lawmakers who think an appropriate response is to tell women to stop having sex in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies, you need to be set straight. Men never have to face this consequence, or the other painful medical conditions birth control helps with.  And there is a definite double standard when Viagra is covered by insurance but birth control is not.

  No matter what women and girls use birth control for, it shouldn’t be a lawmaker’s business or a boss’s business. Birth control is basic health care.

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Trump Trashes Birth Control Coverage