Apple usurps 8 release with pricey X

Shay Harris, Reporter

This month Apple launched the new iPhone 8- something many iPhone users around the world have long expected. The 8 has many loyal iPhone users extremely unimpressed because the iPhone 8 is almost identical to the iPhone 7. The only differences are that the 8 now has wireless charging, a new gold finish, a more advanced way of putting filters on photos, and a new glass design- said to be the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone. The speakers are also 25 percent louder with a deeper bass. To those who actually care about the interior and how the iPhone runs, the 8 will have a new Retina HD display to support True Tone. The new chip for the 8 will be an A11 Bionic chip that features a six-core CPU design with two performance cores that are 25 percent faster as well as four efficiency cores that are 70 percent faster than the A10 Fusion chip which was used in the previous models. To many people, these new features sound pretty impressive, but those who have followed Apple through and through know that the iPhone 8 launch was quite unimpressive compared to previous launches. The only major change the 8 now has is wireless charging; something that many people have zero faith in.


Apple never fails to bring a “wow” factor at each launch though. They also decided to release the iPhone X, pronounced “iPhone 10”.  This was something almost nobody expected, especially since they have skipped the release of the iPhone 9, something that still has no explanation for. The release of the iPhone X commemorates the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone ever made: the iPhone 2G, released in June of 2007, that was nicknamed “The Jesus Phone” a decade ago. The iPhone X is said to be Apple’s most drastic change in an iPhone they’ve ever had. The brand new design includes 5.8 Super Retina display; Apple says “the device IS the display”. The display will also hold the first OLED screen that is up to iPhone standards with a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. The X has the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back with a new surgical grade stainless steel exterior. The only downfall to this is that the X has close to no variety of color, just silver and black. One new attribute that has held quite a bit of controversy in the past few weeks will be the feature that allows you to morph your emojis, now renamed Animoji, to the faces you’re making. Flash a smile and Face ID will clone one of 12 emojis into smiling as well by analyzing  up to 50 different muscle movements. iPhone X will also include water resistance, and a new way of swiping up to get to the home screen. Face ID will be included in the new model as well. The feature is enabled by a TrueDepth camera and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots to create an exact depth map of your face for precise recognition. A dual 12MP camera with optical zoom is included in the new iPhone, as well as the A11 bionic chip- the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone, with a neural engine that’s capable of up to 600 billion operations per second. The battery will last up to two hours longer than the iPhone 7, and the X will have augmented reality experiences in select apps. When asked what he thought about the new iPhones, Eli Sorenson (10), said “The 8 is honestly pointless, that’s the only way I can put it. The X is really cool but I think it’s a bad idea for Apple to take away Touch ID just because Face ID is too futuristic right now. I’m sure it will be more advanced at some point but the way technology is now, it won’t be as well developed as it needs to be. I do believe that the wireless charging feature will be handy though. People won’t have to remember to bring a charger everywhere they go, because most places will have universal charging pads. However, I still think that even the wireless charging has a while to advance and become greater than they have it now.”

Many iPhone enthusiasts have had a bad feeling about Apple making their iPhones more and more similar to Samsung models after every launch.  “Honestly I saw most of the updates coming. The wireless charging feature is something Samsung has had for a while now, as well as the display. I stay with Android because I know that all of the iPhones will eventually have it. So I get the features before iPhone users even get the details of it.” said Justin Covert (12), a loyal Android user. If you’d like to form your own opinion and see Apples new launch yourself, the X will be available for preorder on October 27, and released November 3, while the 8 was available for preorder starting September 15 and available September 22.