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Immigration Laws Tighten

Marcos Resendiz, Staff

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The Department of Homeland security is going to require any immigrant trying to enter the United States legally to disclose all of the social media platforms they’re using according to the Federal Register. This may sound like a bit of stretch, but this is actually a legal requirement the Department of Homeland Security is going to do next month: they will require social media handles, aliases, search results and any info that identifies the person, from people who moved to the United State, including immigrants who have lived here for a considerable amount of time.
Although this has been debated over the years since the Obama administration, now it’s finally going to be implemented. This sounds not too good but it makes sense. According to the Office of Federal Register, “If it appears to the consular officer that the applicant has been in an area while the area was under the operational control of a terrorist organization as defined in section.” Basically if someone wants to move or visit the U.S. they will get a background check on where they’ve been prior to visiting. If they find that the person has been in area where terrorist have associated in they’ll have to monitor the person. At first glance this is pretty bad, but looking through the actual guidelines it’s something that is justifiable. Although it does sound a little sketchy at first, if the person has a clean travel history with nothing suspicious within their social media accounts then the person has nothing to worry about.

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Immigration Laws Tighten