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School Redesign? Good Or Bad: Pro

Emilio Lee, Reporter

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District 91 Board Members are putting forth a ballot measure to vote for $110 bond for a redesign of Skyline High School and a new construction for Idaho Falls High School on Nov. 7. This is a pricey measure, but students are going to get a lot of bang for the buck: more room, a more modern space, updated technology capacity, improved safety, and a more appealing and inspiring look.

Certainly Skyline is in need of a redesign. Last year, the ceiling was falling in multiple classrooms during the month of January.  The entire social studies hall had to be evacuated.  Anyone who has tried to walk from the library hall to the 100 hall can easily see how congested our hallways are, not to mention the fact that new visitors to our campus often can’t find the front office. Also, the wifi goes down constantly, and with all of the demands of common core for research and writing and testing, having technology that works is essential. There is also the pride factor: students may be more proud to be a Grizzly if the school looks awesome.

Not to mention the perks Skyline will be getting: new skylights for natural lighting in interior classrooms, social spaces, maker spaces, and new furniture to name a few items on the list. In addition,  there will be a 1,000 seat auditorium added, which will be an incredible benefit for band and choir concerts in addition to other community events.

But before Skyline can get a new fresh coat of paint, the district must do several things: a good old-fashioned vote, planning, documents, bidding, construction, and then finally the schools will be able to move in. “With a new design, the kids might do better at an in schools,” Deidre Warden, a member since 2008 said.

How do students feel about this idea? “Well, I think it’s a good idea, as long as it is not like the more construction we will have may cause issues… like at class if they’re going to build while we’re in it,” Miranda Tyler (9) said. “I feel like it a good thing, I think it’s about time that the school has a new design or something new add on to it,” Aaron Salgado (10) said.

Almost everyone is excited about this new design, and that was including the teachers and students, but it will be a while for the redesign, like four years. So most of us may not even see it. But it will be a sight when we do, if they stay true to the design.

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School Redesign? Good Or Bad: Pro