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New Taylor: Trash or Triumph?

Shelby Lee, Reporter

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Taylor Swift has recently come out with two new singles that have caused a lot of controversy in the media. ”Look What You Made Me Do” smashed the streaming records, but it was not well received by critics. Mrs Remsburg, a freshman and sophomore English teacher, is a huge fan of Taylor and her music. She says “I LOVE both of her new songs!… I love Listening to Taylor because her music is catchy and upbeat.”


The single’s lyrics are full of disses towards other artists, celebrities and critics. Swift takes shots at unnamed rivals who are believed to be Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. In the second line of the song, Swift says “I don’t like your tilted stage,” which many people think is hinting at Kanye West because his stage for concerts was slightly tilted. Taylor’s other rival Katy Perry, has had a few tilted stages in some of her performances.

In the LWYMMD music video, Taylor is seen sitting in a bathtub of diamonds and expensive jewelry. This visual was suspected to be featured because Swift has said “the public sees her

perpetually ‘crying in her marble bathroom surrounded by pearls.’” This tub full of jewels cost over 10 million dollars, a lot more than anyone could expect from a music video prop. When asked what she thinks about Swift’s new songs and music video, Madison Drummond (11) said, “I think her new songs are different, but I still don’t really like them along with her other music.”


She also has another new single called “…Ready for it?” This song sounds more like her previous album “1989” unlike “Look What You Made Me Do”, Taylor’s first single from her new Album “Reputation” coming out November 10.

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New Taylor: Trash or Triumph?