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Local: Community College Vote

Know and Care: Be Informed

Bianca Fairchild, Reporter

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What to Know: The Bonneville County will be the taxing district for Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC) to become a community college. The tax will total about $13.37 each year. In comparison, according to Local News 8, our tax for having a garbage system is about $42 per year (the community college tax would be about a third of that). The main argument against EITC becoming a community college is that it will raise taxes and some do not think it is necessary.

Why You Should Care: The issue with the higher education system today is how much money it costs to go the colleges we have in the area. ISU charges $4,251 for a single semester with 9 credits. BYU-Provo costs $5,150 per year. BSU charges $11,069 for a single semester for an Idaho resident. On average, a community college costs $3,347 for just the schooling in one semester. Georgetown University in Washington D.C. found that by 2020, “35 percent of the job openings will require at least a bachelor’s degree, 30 percent of the job openings will require some college or an associate’s degree and 36 percent of the job openings will not require education beyond high school.”  Because college education costs so much, it would help students immensely to have a cheaper alternative to get this education so that our society could have a better chance for their future.

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Local: Community College Vote