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13 reasons why not to watch “13 Reasons Why”

Madison Aeschbacher, Staff

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The show brings light to how bullying can affect your peers. Your words and actions do have an impact on those around you. Contradicting the powerful and imperative message this show sends, Thirteen Reasons Why manifests suicide as an escape, or a passage to revenge on those who have hurt you. Although this series brings light to something that people may not recognise, there are many reasons this show could be very dangerous to its adolescent viewers.

  1. The show glorifies suicide.
    1. Hannah finally gets justice after she kills herself making it seem like a good escape route.
  2. Her death scene is awfully graphic.
    1. Not only is Hannah’s death excruciatingly graphic, it is traumatizing.
  3. It denies personal responsibility
    1. Hannah made the conscious decision to kill herself, but shifted the blame to her peers who did wrong her. Even though they may have hurt Hannah, she chose to let it affect her to the point she took her life.
  4. It shows a revenge fantasy
    1. Hannah Baker creates 13 tapes in an attempt to get revenge on those who have wronged her.
  5. Sympathetic pain
    1. Your brain cannot tell the difference between watching someone get hurt and you being the one to be hurt
  6. Memorializes suicide
    1. It gives teens a false perception they will leave behind a legacy if they kill themselves. Skyline counselor, Mrs. Boettcher,says, “It’s blunt and I hate to say it, but after a suicide everyone may be sad for a while, but everyone else’s live will move on. Only the victim’s life will have ended.”
  7. Victims might be less likely to come forward
    1. When Hannah approaches her counselor about being raped, he pushes the blame on her and says he can’t do anything unless she gives him the name of the perpetrator.
  8. Lack of options to get out of it
    1. There are so many other options to feel better. Ask for help.
  9. Lack of communication with trusted support
    1. Hannah chose not to confide or ask from help from her parents because they were tight on money from their store. Parents are parents, and none of them want to lose a kid because they were so low they killed themselves.
  10. Suicide contagion
    1. Studies have shown that people who have known a suicide victim or witnessed a suicide are five times more likely to attempt to take their lives.
  11. It doesn’t address mental illness in teens
    1. One in five adolescents either have or will have a serious mental illness, and although not all suicides occur due mental illness, 90% of suicides are involved with mental illness or substance abuse.
  12. It again and again pushes the thought that there is no hope
    1. Hannah again and again says that there is no hope for her, but she never really tries to see the bright side in this.
  13. It devalues suicide and bullying
    1. Suicide and bullying is a real thing and nearly an epidemic. Thirteen Reasons Why makes it seem like it is something that everyone goes through and it is okay, but it is not.
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13 reasons why not to watch “13 Reasons Why”